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Climate Change and Renewable Energy: Saving Our Planet for Future Generations

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Pollution and Child Labor: The Tanneries of Bangladesh

By Linn Smith March 26, 2017—-Following is a recent article concerning Bangladesh, child labor and the polluting tanneries published by the Associated Press.  In a Planet Earth Weekly article, May 2014, Bangladesh: The Poster Child for Climate Change I … Continue reading



Bangladesh: The Poster Child for Climate Change

The rising seas will greatly change the way of life for people living near the oceans, not only in Bangladesh, but the population living along coastal areas in China, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand. By Lin Smith May 26, 2014—After catching … Continue reading

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Grameen Shakti: One of The World’s Fastest Growing Renewable Energy Companies

“Sustainable Energy: Entrepreneurial companies like Shakti are proving we can do far better than business as usual.” By Linn Smith February 10, 2017—-Founded in 1996 in Bangladesh, Grameen Shakti has installed over 5 million solar home systems and created over … Continue reading


Guatamala: The Alliance for International Reforestation

By Lin Smith AIR: A Leader in Creating Renewable Resources                    December 28, 2013—- In November, AIR, the Alliance for International Reforestation was chosen, along with 17 others, by the United Nations, as … Continue reading