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Climate Change and Renewable Energy: Saving Our Planet for Future Generations

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The Colorado River: The Redistribution of Water

The Colorado River: “It is incumbent for us to safeguard, protect what we have left.” By Linn Smith February 6, 2019—The Colorado River has been over allotted from the beginning, as the Law of the River, a compact made in … Continue reading

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The Depletion of the Colorado River Basin

By Linn Smith “It is the most contested, played-upon, silt-laden, diverted, engineered, dammed, stored (four times its volume and one-fifth of its length is held in reservoirs), farmed with, and metro-dependent river in America.” – The Colorado River: Flowing Through … Continue reading

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The Law of the River: Over Allotment of the Colorado

“The Colorado River has been over allocated from the beginning.” By Linn Smith September 11, 2018—-The Law of the River is a Colorado River Compact formed in 1922. It’s an agreement between 7 states in the Colorado River Basin. The … Continue reading

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The Salton Sea: The Accidental Lake

“The Salton Sea was man-made…by accident.” By Linn Smith The Salton Sea controversy was generated most recently by the signing of the Colorado Drought Contingency Agreement, which was mandated to be signed by all states bordering the Colorado River by … Continue reading


Irrigation and Water Depletion in the Southwest United States

“We need to work together to feed the world, but we also need to work together to save and monitor our water resources.” By Linn Smith August 26, 2018—- On the farmland of my youth in the Midwest, my brothers … Continue reading

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The Sierra Club and Environmental Defense Fund: Making a Difference

“A key part of the Sierra Club’s mission is to protect the quality of the human and natural environment.” By Dr. John J. Hidore June 28, 2017—–Since President Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Agreement it has … Continue reading

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Extreme Storms: The recent bomb cyclone in the United States and tropical cyclones in southeast Africa

“In all probability it is a result of climate change and indicative of things to come.” By Dr. John J. Hidore A Bomb Cyclone Forms in the US Midwest A bomb cyclone is a low pressure system in which the … Continue reading

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Pollinator Prairies and Highways: Feeding the Bees!

“Pollinators, especially bees, are responsible for producing 1/3 of the food we eat.” By Linn Smith August 6, 2018—-In May 2018, Interstate 76, which stretches through the high plains farmland east of Denver, Colorado for about 185 miles, was designated … Continue reading